Our Mission Statement

Reaching and Growing Real People in Their Christian Faith and Ministry

We trust that as you become acquainted with us in the Church of the Nazarene you will begin to desire to get to know more about us! We extend to you a welcome to come and join us. However, we want it to be a meaningful and happy experience for you. To do that, there are a few things you need to know about us that will enable you to decide whether you want to fellowship with us regularly.

Why commit and belong to a church?

Because you need the church: The major objective of the church on earth is to help you get to heaven by living a victorious and meaningful life now. Few Christians (if any) can survive without the help of the church. The church will teach you, guide you, inspire you, nurture you, and help you in every possible way to remain faithful to God. It would be very difficult to live the Christian life apart from the church.

Because the church needs you: No matter what your abilities are, there is a place where you can help the church fulfill its functions. The church is called the body of Christ. You have become part of that body. Like any healthy body, all parts of the body of Christ must fulfill their function for the church to be complete and healthy.

What are the benefits of joining a church of the Nazarene?

  • Fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Mutual helpfulness and counsel.
  • Spiritual care from godly pastors.
  • Teaching from Gods Word.
  • Inspiration from worship together.
  • Cooperation in Christian service.
  • Opportunities for service to God.
  • While you have responsibilities to the church, the church, also has a responsibility to you.

What it does not mean to join the Nazarene Church?

Joining the church does not make you a Christian. It is expected that you have already come into a right relationship with God through repentance and faith in Christ as your Saviour before you join the church.

Joining the church does not guarantee your salvation. You can have your name on the membership roll and still lose your soul if the saving and transforming work of Christ has not taken place in you heart. Your name must also be written in the Book of Life. Only God can do that since He alone can see your heart.